Testosterone Cypionate by Pharmacom Labs (250mg\10ml)
the Pharmatest-C250 (Testosterone Cypionate) from Pharmacom: buy with fast delivery "PharmaTest-C250" is anabolic steroid a drug designed to injectable the introduction, on the basis of the active ingredient "testosterone cypionate". Cypionate is characterized by "long" ether "chain", so the merge molecules testosterone with this broadcast helped to create one of the most long-lasting actions testosterone esters. The average duration of half-lives it is 7-10 days. In more simple words, after completing one injection, depending on the individual characteristics of metabolism, the athlete can rely on maintaining a stable (excluding recessions) the proceeds of this steroid in the bloodstream up to seven or even ten days in a row. Once in the body, testosterone Cypionate acts as its "endogenous analogue." A good degree of biological availability, and relatively high androgenic and anabolic activity of testosterone allow you to effectively stimulate the growth of muscle mass, strength, appetite, libido, stamina. However, he is well restores the nervous system and the organism as a whole, even after the toughest workouts. this form of testosterone is very common in the United States of America, as the greatest volume is made in the USA. However, according to the estimates of experienced athletes it is almost identical to "testosterone enanthate", and both forms give approximately the same performance when used in equivalent dosages. the Pharmatest-C250 (Testosterone Cypionate): the characteristics and effects the the active growth of muscle and significant increase in the power of data the increased production of red blood cells, thereby increasing endurance the increased burning fat deposits and increased appetite the increased libido the increase production of synovial fluid, allowing normal operation of joints and ligaments the improves recovery after workouts and physical activity the does not require frequent injections and has a long lasting effect the PharmaTest-C250: the rate, dosage and recommendations for use Current recommendations and regulations for the effective and safe use of the steroid "Pharmatest-C250" contained in a special our online shop.
Package 250mg\10ml
Substance Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone Cypionate by Pharmacom Labs (250mg\10ml)

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