The course for drying and dry weight
the Rate on dry basis and drying: buy at the best price in a proven online store Steroid course to dry and lean muscle mass is fully developed combination of steroid drugs aims at burning subcutaneous fat accumulation, improvement of the quality of the prominence of the muscles, and increase lean muscle mass. the Components of the cycle the the "Testosterona P from Balkan" (20 ampoules) is the "short" testosterone ether, in the best way suitable because of its universality, for the purpose of drying and build lean muscles. Less of other ester testosterone water retention (liquid) in the body, so gives the most optimal result with the least risk of adverse reactions. the "from Oxandrolon Balkan" (240 tab.) one of the best steroids for soft drying, making the muscles more "solid" and hard, improving relief of muscle mass building up using other drugs. Has good tolerability and low risk of "side effects". the "Anastrozole" (20 tab.) and "Clomed" (40 tab.) from Balkan Pharmaceutical – these drugs need to prevent estrogenopodobnoe complications during course (Anastrozole), and for the full post-cycle therapy after a steroid cycle (Clomid). the Purpose of this cycle is the buildup of solely "pure" muscle mass, fat burning and improving the quality of the bump array of the muscle of the athlete. Described steroid combination may be considered to be relatively safe with proper approach to its use, so if desired it can be used by athletes with little experience in the application of sports pharmacology and steroids. the a Course on dry basis and drying: characteristics and effects positive the the increase the "dry" muscles with minimal water retention and "rollback" after the course – up to 8 kg per cycle the burning of subcutaneous fat reserves and improve the definition of the muscles (relief) the an increase in data power and endurance the increased production of growth hormone and ITR-1 the increased sensitivity of organism to insulin the improved immune system, appetite, and libido the support for ligaments, joints and bone tissue the improve recovery, mood and motivation training Rate on dry basis and drying: the use, dosages and other recommendations course Duration: 10 weeks (4 weeks assigned to PCT) . You should follow a strict diet, correct to consider the program of training, to observe the regime of rest and take sports nutrition to achieve maximum results. Dosage the the Testosterone Propionate: one ampoule every other day (100mg) – 6 weeks. the Oxandrolone: 6 tablets (60mg) a day split into 2-3 doses throughout the day ( 6 weeks). the Anastrozole every 4 days from the beginning to the end of the course (whole or half tablets). post-course therapies PCT for 4 weeks. Must begin 3 days after the cancellation of all AAC. During the first 3 days of Clomid used for 3 pills a day (150mg). The next 4 days take 2 tablets (100mg). Then another twelve days at 1 pill (50mg) and the last week of PCT – 0.5 tablet (25mg).
Package 20 ampoules+ 240 tabs + 20 tabs + 40 tabs
Substance Testosterone Propionate + Oxandrolone + Anastrozole + Clomid

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The course for drying and dry weight

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