Safe steroid course
the Safe course of steroids: buy at a low price in the store, "" the safest course is prepared for use an exclusive combination of anabolic steroid drugs chosen on the principle of minimal risk of adverse reactions and high performance. the Composition All the components included in the safe a course of steroids produced advanced brand sports pharmacology "Balkan Pharmaceutical" the the "testosterone Propionate" (13 vials) – the shortest testosterone ether. Renowned for its versatility and relatively low risk of any "side effects". Minimally retains water in the body and will increase lean muscles. the "Primobol" (24 capsules) is one of the least "problematic" and a safe steroid is used in bodybuilding. the "Oxandrolone" (120 tab.) another steroid is very high quality, with very good tolerability. the "Dianabol" (120 tab.) a well – known steroid (more popular called "Dbol") to a rapid increase in mass and strength. the "Anastrozole" (20 tab.) – blocker aromatase, required for the prevention estrogensoderjasimi adverse reactions (gynecomastia, etc.). the "Clomid" (20 tab.) – classic antiestrogens the drug is for holding post-cycle therapy. the who should use a safe course and what is its purpose? the Described combination, despite the large number of its constituent steroids, very well suited to athletes without experience in the use of AAC (beginners) or with minimal presence. Included in this bundle products have good compatibility and well interact with each other. the aim of the safe rate is a significant increase in lean muscles, strength and endurance, with minimal water retention, and manifestations of any adverse reactions and complications of a different nature. Safe course of steroids: effects and results the the the increase of lean muscle mass – increase up to 10-15kg the significant increase in strength and endurance the activation of burning subcutaneous fat and improvement of the prominence of the muscles the the lack of accumulation of water and minimal rollback after discontinuation of steroids the low risk of "side effects", great portability, compatibility and interoperability of all components the improvement of the joint and ligamentous and osseous apparatus the increased secretion HGH, ITR-1 and the sensitivity of tissues to insulin Safe course of steroids: application and recommendations Duration: 11 weeks (four of them allocated for post-cycle therapy) Dosage and application of drugs the the Propionate: 50mg a day (half of an ampoule) – 7 weeks the Primobol: 200mg every third day (2 capsules) – 5 weeks the Danabol: 4 tablets daily (40mg) for 4 weeks the Oxandrolone: 6 tablets daily (60mg) with 4-th to the end of the 7th week the Anastrozole: one half tablet every 4 days from the beginning to the end of the cycle post-course therapies Clomid should take 3 days after the abolition of all drugs and do this for 4 weeks in a row. First week – 2 tablets (100mg) daily, next 2 weeks on the 1st (50mg), and another week – half tablet (25mg).
Package 13 amps - 24 amps - 120 tabs - 120 tabs - 20 tabs
Substance Testosterone Propionate, Primobol, Danabol, Oxandrolone, Anastrozole, Clomid

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Safe steroid course

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