Oxandrolone В«SoloВ»: universal course for drying (suitable for girls)
the Course "Oxandrolone in solo": to buy at the best price in the reliable online store "Oxandrolone in solo" is an excellent steroid course optimally suitable for "soft" drying and losing weight, without the "overload" of the body. the Components the the "Oxandrolone from Balkan pharmaceuticals" (200 tab.) the only steroid drug that is included as part of this cycle. the "Clomid from Balcan Pharma" (20 tab.) – antiestrogenthat is necessary to conduct post-cycle therapy after discontinuation of the steroid (only relevant for men). This anabolic steroid Oxandrolone, deservedly belongs to the class of premium and luxury products. It was originally designed for the treatment of people with a very weak body, so it is characterized by very good tolerability in that case, if it is used by athletes with normal condition. Oxandrolone has a very low likelihood of side reactions, it has no conversion into estrogen and liver it is also relatively safe, by using the adequate dosage. the Value of "Oksana" lies in the fact that it helps fat burning, improve muscle tissue and its preservation during drying and improved hardness and stiffness of muscle relief. In this case Oxandrolone stimulates the increased sensitivity of cells and tissues to insulin, so that it can get smaller doses of this hormone and this indirectly reduces the formation of new fat accumulation. Additionally the fat-burning effect is amplified by increasing the secretion of HGH, as a result of this steroid. the to fit such a course? Due to the peculiarities of your profile steroid, Oxandrolone (due to the low androgenic activity) can be used by both beginners and women with the aim to dry out, lose weight and make your body more prominent. the Aim of the course is to achieve a beautiful muscular relief, burn fat and preserve maximum lean muscles, there is minimal risk to encounter any adverse reactions. Oxandrolone in solo: what effects can be expected? the the stimulation of burning body fat, maintaining muscle mass and increasing muscle definition of muscle the increase strength, endurance and immune protection the enhances the natural secretion of somatotropin the increases the body's sensitivity to insulin, thereby reduces the rate of formation of new fat accumulation the does not aromatize and has no negative effects on the liver the has a good tolerability and a low probability of "side effects" the can be used by girls Oxandrolone solo: application, dosages and other recommendations cycle Duration: 8 weeks, 5 of which are devoted to the PCT. Should follow a diet and a mode of recreation to take sports nutrition, as well as to create a proper training program to gain maximum benefit from the course. Dosing Oxandrolone for 5 weeks used 6 tablets (60mg) daily. It is advisable to divide the entire dosage into 3-4 doses per day with intervals of 3-4 hours. For girls dosage should not exceed 20-30mg a day. post-course therapies PCT lasts 3 weeks and begins immediately after receiving oxandrolone. Clomid is taken one tablet a day for 20 days (preferably at night).
Package 200tab\10mg + 20tab\50mg
Substance Oxandrolone + Clomid

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Oxandrolone В«SoloВ»: universal course for drying (suitable for girls)

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