Mass course
the Course on the ground: buy a reliable online store "" Steroid course to ground is a high performance and exclusive combination of anabolic steroids aimed at an intensive increase in muscle mass and strength athlete. the Composition All steroids to this cycle produced an authoritative and advanced brand sports pharmacology "Balkan Pharmaceutical" the the "Testosterone enanthate" (the 7 vials) is one of the most long-acting esters testosterone most commonly used in "solo" courses for building muscle and strength. the "Parabolan" (15 vials) – the most prolonged live the most powerful anabolic steroid – "trenbolone". Sports slang known as "Trenbolone hexa". Even in a standalone use case it gives a phenomenal gain in muscle mass and strength. the "Strombafort"(180 tab.) – oral variant stanozolol, which is part of this cycle is necessary in order to make it balance, to minimize the likelihood of side effects and enhance its overall performance. the "Anastrozole" (20 tab.) and "Clomid" (40 tab.) – the aromatase inhibitor and antiestrogen. The first is required for prophylaxis estrogenopodobnoe side effects and the second to conduct a proper post-course therapy after the abolition of all anabolic drugs. The steroid cycle is designed mostly for athletes with medium and high experience of the use of anabolic steroids. However, with strict and explicit adherence to the instructions, it can be used by less experienced athletes. the Purpose of this class is high intensity of muscle growth, with the increase predominantly "dry" muscles, with minimal accumulations of water, utilization of adipose tissue and form a beautiful relief muscles. Available in Stanozolol (Strombafort) allows moderately to inhibit the conversion of testosterone enanthate into estrogen, and also to neutralize the progestogenic activity of trenbolone, thereby actually reducing the risk of manifestations of possible adverse reactions, and improving bioavailability and effectiveness of the entire cycle as a whole. the a Course in weight: the main effects that you can expect the the intensified growth of lean muscle mass – up to 10-15kg for the course with a small "back" and fluid collection a strong increase in data power and endurance the Express disposal subcutaneous fat the increase production of IGF-1 and HGH in the body the better and more rapid recovery after training the increased desire to exercise and muscle fullness the normalization of joint mobility and protection of the musculoskeletal system from injury the increased libido and good mood Course to ground: application and other recommendations Duration: 11 weeks (including 4 weeks set aside for the PCT). Dosage the the Testosterone enanthate: 250 mg (ampoule) per week – 7 weeks. the Parabolan every 4 days 1 ampoule (100mg) – 7 weeks the Stanozolol: 4 tablets daily (40mg) – seven weeks. The dosage should be divided into 2-3 doses with an interval of 3 hours. the Anastrozole (optional): every 4 days half tablets since the second week of the course. post-course therapies for Post-cycle therapy should start within 5-7 days after receiving stanozolol and continue for 4 weeks. Clomid first 2 weeks taken 100-150mg daily (2-3pills), then 2 weeks – 50 mg daily (1 tablet).
Package 7 amps + 15 amps + 180 tabs + 20 tabs + 40 tabs 
Substance Testosterone enanthate + Parabolan + Stanozolol + Anastrozole + Clomid

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Mass course

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