Force course
the Course on power: buy in a trusted store "" the Steroid policy of force is the exclusive property anabolic steroids a joint application of which allows to achieve extreme increase physical performance and body mass. the what are anabolic drugs is the rate on force? the Components of this cycle produced one of the most recognizable and reputable manufacturers of sports pharmacology "Balkan Pharmaceutical" the the "Sustamed" (6 vials) is a classical mixture of esters testosterone better known under the title as "sustanon". Is quite an effective steroid for increasing strength and muscle mass even within the solo course (for such tasks is often used in powerlifting). The peculiarity is that it contains several forms of testosterone with different speed of the blood flow. the "Anapolon" (40 tab.) – the most powerful tablet steroid that stimulates growth of the mass and especially strength capabilities of the athlete. The active ingredient "Oxymetholone". the "Dianabol" (100 tab.) – the most popular steroid which in its action is similar to the above-mentioned AAC. Its slang name is "Dbol". the "Anastrozole" (20 tab.) and "Clomid" (40 tab.) – an aromatase inhibitor, and antiestrogens drug. Anastrozole will need for prophylaxis of the possible manifestations of estrogenic adverse reactions, and Clomid is for holding PCT. the aim of the course: intense and extreme gains in power performance of the athlete, increasing body weight and fat burning fabric. Each of the above steroid drugs can be effective for increasing power performance even when used alone, while their combined use provides a synergistic effect and allows to reach really extreme increase in "power" and body weight. Therefore, for inexperienced athletes, this combination might be too "powerful" so to a greater extent this cycle is ideal for those athletes who have sufficient experience of the use of anabolic steroids. the Course of the force: the effects that can be expected the the intensive increase of the power capabilities of the athlete and active increase weight – 10-15kg (when the drugs should be prepared for a possible "rollback") the strong restorative and strengthening effect on the joint and the ligaments and bone structure, and elimination of pain in them the burning of adipose tissue (including abdominal – abdominal area) the to increase free testosterone and bioavailability used AAC the improve potency, sexual desire, quality post-workout recovery, mood and desire to train Course of the force: application and other recommendations Cycle lasts 11 weeks (7 weeks course and 4 week PCT) Dosage the the Sustamed: put on 250mg once a week for 6 weeks. the Anapolon: 2 tablets (100mg) a day (morning and evening) for 3 full weeks. the Danabol: replaces the previous preparation, starting from 4 weeks (40mg – 4 tablets daily, divided into 2-3 doses). the Anastrozole: second week of the course and 3 weeks after it (half or a whole tablet) Post-cycle recovery therapy PCT should start 3 days after last reception of danabol and continue for 4 weeks. Clomid is taken daily for 100-150mg for the first two weeks (2-3 tablets) and 50 mg (one tablet) the final two weeks.
Package 6 amps + 40 tabs + 100 tabs + 20 tabs + 40 tabs
Substance Sustanon + Anapolon + Danabol + Anastrozole + Clomid

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Force course

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