Endurance course
the the Course of endurance: to buy in online store "Anabol-Rus.net" Steroid course endurance is an exclusive bunch of anabolic steroids aimed at a significant increase in endurance athletes (both General and special). the Components and components the the "Nandrolone Phenylpropionate from Balcan Pharmaceutical" (6 ampoules) – a short on one of the most well-known steroid with the active substance "Nandrolone". It is excreted from the body faster classic Deca (nandrolone Decanoate), but holds less liquid. Is a very effective steroid, in terms of improving the comfort and athletic performance, including endurance. the "Strombafort from Balcan" (100 tab.) – oral "Stanozolol" it is a good steroid, contributing to increase the speed-power data, fat burning and embossing the muscle mass is stackable with other steroids. the "Equipoise (Boldenone) from the SP-Laboratories" (1 bottle) is one of the safest injectable steroids to build a good (dry) muscle mass at a moderate pace. One of the characteristics boldenone is a significant strength gains. the "Clomed from Balkan Pharmaceutical" (40 tab.) – antiestrogenthat is required for the purpose post-course therapy. the Who recommended a steroid course of endurance? Describes the combination of steroids designed primarily for athletes that category who need to improve stamina of the body (General, strength, special, functional and so on). Drugs such as Nandrolone and Boldenone even by themselves, provide a very pronounced erythropoiesis (synthesis of red blood cells) – they are responsible for the transfer for the saturation of cells and tissues with oxygen. In combination, this "trio" steroids gives a very noticeable and powerful burst of not only endurance, but also strength and muscle mass. the aim of the course: increase of total power, and functional-special endurance Supplement growth power data, utilization of adipose tissue and muscle growth. the Combination of these steroids has a synergistic interaction (positive enhances each other's effects), thus, that their use eliminates the negative aspects of these anabolic steroids. But despite this, course largely designed for athletes with at least a medium level of development and implementation of sports pharmacology. a course on the Constitution: basic effects and other positive side the the provides active and pronounced synthesis of erythropoietin (formation of red blood cells – the blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen), which significantly increases endurance the provides a powerful increase in strength and burning fat cloth the greatly increases the appetite and helps to build lean muscles the optimizes the functionality and overall health of the joint and ligamentous complex and bony tissues, protecting them from injury and speeding up recovery the increases the level of free testosterone the minimal risks of adverse reactions and accumulations of water the lack of conversion to estrogen and post-cycle rollback the does not require frequent injections Course of endurance: the use and other recommendations the total course duration: 9 weeks (3 weeks assigned to PCT). Reception of aromatase blockers on cycle is not required. Dosing the the Equipoise (Boldenone): 400mg once a week for 4 weeks. the Phenylpropionate Nandrolone: 100mg (1 vial) every 3-4 days starting from the 3rd week of the cycle and to the end the Stanozolol: 3 tablets (30mg) per day (one every 3 hours) – with 3 weeks until the end of the course post-course therapies you Need to Start PCT 3-5 days after the cycle is complete. Clomid is the first 2 weeks to 100mg per day (2 tablets), and the last week 50mg daily (a tablet).
Package 1 vial + 16 amps + 100 tabs + 40 tabs
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate, Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Stanozolol, Clomid

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Endurance course

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