Course for drying for men: Strombafort and clenbuterol
the Rate of drying for men: buy at a reasonable price in the store, "" the Rate of drying for men is a combined exclusive course on the basis of steroid and fat-promoting effective combustion of subcutaneous fat, the formation of the relief and preservation of lean muscles. the Components of the cycle the the "from Strombafort Balkan pharmaceuticals" (180 tab.) – oral "Stanozolol". Is one of the best steroids for burning fatty tissue, and the formation of venous prorisovannost, relief of muscle and removal of excess fluid from the body. the "Balkan Clenbuterol from" (80 tab.) – drug is a pharmacological fat burner, which in essence is a cure for asthma. Especially its effects on the body enable it to also effectively stimulate lipolysis (fat cell breakdown), to block appetite, accelerate metabolism, thereby increasing calorie consumption. Also this fat burner inherent anti-catabolic effect, which allows him to positively affect the protection and preservation of lean muscles during a cycle of drying. the "from Balkan Clomed" (20 tab.) is antiestrogenthat will be required after course to fully restore and normalize hormonal (in other words, to carry out so-called post-course therapy). In addition to the above list can take this drug as "Ketotifen" (up to 60 tablets), if necessary, to extend the course "clen" preserving value. Due to the fact that it is easy to purchase at almost any pharmacy (costs 300-400 rubles), it is not included in our course. the Who? Describes the combination of drugs would be relevant for athletes of middle and entry-level training. In any case during this cycle, you must follow all the necessary guidelines. Course of drying for men: what effects can I expect? the the pronounced burning of fatty tissue on the background of maximum preservation of "dry" muscle mass the strengthens the quality of the relief and venous prorisovannost muscles, making it more "rigid" and "solid" the possible small gain "pure" muscle the lowers SHGB, which increases the bioavailability of steroids and free Testosterone the improves neuromuscular efficiency, strength, endurance the reduces fatigue, appetite and the formation of new fat accumulation the has no effect on libido and potency the increased metabolism and increased production thyroxine the Rate of drying for men: use, dosage and other recommendations the cycle time is 9.5 weeks (3 of which are allocated to the PCT). It is important to observe the regime of rest and proper nutrition, and be competent training plan. Dosing Stanozolol used 4 tablets (40mg) per day – 45 days (divide the entire dose in two or three doses during the day). Clen should start to take with the second week (8th to 36th day of the course). The first 4 days you need to consume the tablet whole, then 10 days on 2 tablets and 12 days at four. This should always be done in the morning. On the 22nd day should also add drug "Ketotifen" (the first 5 days on a tablet, and in the last week and a half pills, always at night). post-course therapies the PCT starts after last reception of "Stanozolol". Used antiestrogen "Clomid" for a tablet for 20 days.
Package 180tab\10mg + 80tab\40mcg + 20tab\50mg
Substance Stanozolol + Clenbuterol + Clomid

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Course for drying for men: Strombafort and clenbuterol

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