Course for drying for girls: Oxandrolone and clenbuterol
the Rate of drying for girls: buy at reliable and proven online store the Rate of drying for girls is specially selected exclusive combination drugs are well-suited to women's drying and weight loss. the Components In this course there are only two components, from a reputable and respected in the sports community brand sports pharmacology "Balkan Pharmaceutical" the the "Oxandrolone" (60 tab.) – tablets anabolic steroid premium, is characterized by good receptivity to the body, and minimal risk of side reactions, contributing to active burning fatty tissue and improving its adherence. Due to the low androgenic activity of this steroid is well-suited for use by girls. the "clenbuterol" (60 tab.) is pharmacological fat burner non-steroid profile, which is quite long been used in sports practice bodybuilding, both men and women. Additionally, to get the most out of this course you may need this drug "Ketotifen" (60 pills). The composition of the proposed course is not included, but can easily be purchased at a pharmacy (average cost is within 300 rubles). "Oksana" in addition to increased secretion HGH, and improves the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, which decreases the formation of new fat molecules. The same effect is also characteristic of clenbuterol, but it blocks the enzyme that is responsible for the formation of fat accumulation and suppresses appetite. overall, "Clen" it acts as a thermogenic fat burner primarily affecting the increased calorie expenditure by increasing heat production and speed up metabolism. Its feature is anti-catabolic effect, which involves not only burning fat, but preserving lean muscle mass during this period. the Course of drying for girls: effects and other positive aspects the the stimulation of processes expressed burn fat – up to 8-12kg per cycle the enhanced preservation of lean muscle mass the significant increase in overall physical health and performance the increase concentration and mental focus the reduction of neuromuscular fatigue the increase the immunity and growth hormone levels the reducing the formation of new fat accumulation the decreased appetite and increased metabolism the increased secretions thyroxine (thyroid hormone) the Rate of drying for girls: the use, dosages and other recommendations the Duration of cycle: 4 weeks. Conduct post-cycle therapy is not required. To get the most pronounced results, you should observe the proper rest, nutrition, and competently practice. You should also consider the use of sports nutrition. Dosage Reception of clen to start with minimal doses and only do it in the morning. Gradually the dosage can be raised to required. The first three days, take a pill of clenbuterol. Then 4 days later, and two weeks 2 – three. On the final week of the cycle the dosage is reduced: 4 days, 2 tablets, and the last three days – one at a time. Oxandrolone taken 30 days 2 tablets per day (one morning or afternoon and second morning). On the 11th day of cycle to start taking "Ketotifen" (2 week on a tablet and end-of-week and a half tablets). This medication is taken before bedtime, and clenbuterol – in the morning, before exercise.
Package 60tab\10mg + 60tab\40mcg
Substance Oxandrolone + Clenbuterol

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Course for drying for girls: Oxandrolone and clenbuterol

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