Beginner course
the Course for beginner: buy at the best price in the store, "" a Course of steroids for the beginner is exclusive and fully ready to receive the "bundle" of steroid drugs designed for athletes with minimal experience (or without) the use of AAC. the Components the the "Turanabol from Balcan Pharma" (240 tab.) – the most effective and relatively safe tablets steroid for building lean muscle from all that can be recommended to beginners. Has excellent tolerability and a very low likelihood of any side effects. the "Strombafort from Balcan Pharma" (240 tab.) – effective oral "Stanozolol" that is well-suited for the purposes of drying, helps to burn fat, to withdraw excess water from the body, increase speed and power data to increase the stiffness and hardness muscle definition (relief). In this steroid course "included" in order to make increase the weight as "dry". the "Clomid from Balcan Pharmaceutical" (30 tab.) – classic antiestrogen on the basis of which recovery is post-cycle therapy after the abolition of all steroids. Both of the major steroid is included in the composition have the ability to suppress levels hspg (sex hormone binding globulin). In practice, this allows to achieve a higher biological availability of these and other AAC and to increase the level of free testosterone in the blood plasma. this bunch of anabolic steroids, as the name implies, and as mentioned above is best suited to those athletes who have minimal experience using steroids or no such experience. The cycle is quite simple in the aspect of its application and based on the criteria of maximum safety and efficiency. the aim of the course of steroids for a novice a buildup of lean muscle tissue, strength and endurance, with minimal post-course "back", water retention, and manifestations of various kinds of side effects. the Course for beginner: positive effects the the increase the quality (dry) muscle – up to 5-8kg of muscle weight for the cycle the noticeable increase of force and endurance the and more weight loss and relief of the muscles the increase the level of free testosterone the no need for injecting drugs the the lack of flavor the minimal risk of adverse reactions, "Bay" water and "rollback" after the course a Course for beginners: application and other recommendations cycle time: 9 weeks (3 weeks assigned to PCT) Dosage Turinabol and Stanozolol is taken 4 tablets daily (40mg). Daily dose divided into several doses (2-3). From the second week until the end of cycle drugs are taken 5 tablets per day. Aromatase inhibitors are not needed. post-course therapy the PCT starts immediately after the end of the cycle and lasts 3 weeks. Clomid take 2 pills a day (100mg) in the first week, then one tablet (50mg) in the second week. And another week at 25mg per day (half tablets).
Package 240 tabs + 240 tabs + 30 tabs
Substance Turinabol + Stanozolol + Clomid

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Beginner course

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