Stanozolol by Golden Dragon (50tab\10mg)
the Strombaged (Stanozolol) from Golden Dragon to buy at the lowest price "Strombaged from Golden Dragon" is the trading name of oral anabolic steroid with the active substance "stanozolol". Stanozolol on its structural and chemical characteristics is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It allows him to not only be exposed to the enzyme "aromatase" that is responsible for the conversion of AAC to a certain estrogens, but on the contrary – to have a certain protivoallergennye activity that is peculiar to not all anabolic steroids. Therefore, the "Stanaza" not only does not cause gynecomastia and estrogenopodobnoe side effects, but to a certain extent counteracts them. In the field of bodybuilding, its use (as a standalone steroid) is limited primarily by the purpose of drying and weight loss. He is able to give a nice and tight muscle relief, withdraw excess water and help to burn fat layer, save the "dry" muscle tissue. With the right combination with other steroids it can improve the quality and definition to the building up of muscles. Steroid "Stanozolol" it has quite a high popularity and demand among athletes of different levels and representing different sport disciplines. Because "Stanaza" very well affects the growth of strength and endurance of the athlete, in this context, it is often used in sports where speed-power performance for the athlete are of particular importance (Boxing, wrestling, athletics, mixed martial arts (MMA) etc.). the Strombaged (Stanozolol): the main advantages and effects the the stimulates lipolysis (fat burning) and the preservation of "pure" muscle mass the helps to remove excess water from the body the contributes to good muscle muscle definition, vascularity and hardness of muscles the in combination with other steroids helps to build lean muscles the increases speed-strength capabilities of the athlete the improves the bioavailability of other AAC the due to the suppression of SHGB increases free Testosterone the is no conversion to estrogen the has a moderate anti-estrogenic and antiprogesterone effects the Strombaged (Stanozolol) how to take? All the most important information and other recommendations for use of oral steroid "Strombaged" can be found in the special our online shop the original sports pharmacology.
Package 50tab\10mg
Substance Stanozolol

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Stanozolol by Golden Dragon (50tab\10mg)

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