Letrozole by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (50tab\2,5mg)
the Letrozole from ZPHC: buy in store "Anabol-Rus.net" "Letrozole from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical" is a highly effective drug used in sports practice bodybuilding for the prevention estrogenization adverse reactions. Technically this medication belongs to the class of antiestrogens, and by type of action refers to the inhibitors (blockers) aromatase. Most strongly, what pharmacological properties, and in principle effects on the body it is similar to such drugs as "Anastrozole" and "Exedra". In theory, it was assumed that "Letrozole" is used mostly in the treatment of female diseases, cancer profile, but in practice it was also found that the drug is very effectively cope with such a problem as "aroma" (the conversion of a part of the active substance some AAC to estrogens). Estrogen conversion characteristic of such steroids as "Dbol", esters testosterone and sustanon. the Mechanism of action of the described product is based on blocking the activity of the aromatase enzyme (it is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen), so that exclude the very possibility of excessive formation of estrogen, and thus profilaktirujut (in some cases eliminated) the development of gynecomastia, puffiness, accumulation of water and increased pressure in the body of the athlete. you Should understand that an aromatase inhibitor "Letrozole" is used exclusively in the process of the steroid class, as a means of prophylaxis and elimination estrogenopodobnoe adverse reactions, but not post-cycle therapy, because the secretion of endogenous testosterone it has no effect. For this task, it is advisable to apply a more appropriate "Tamoxifen" or "Clomid". the Letrozole from "Zhengzhou": the main positive effects the the ideal for the prevention and elimination of adverse reactions of estrogen during the steroid course (gynecomastia, accumulation of water, etc.) the has a sufficiently high degree of absorption quickly enters the bloodstream even after initial reception the provides the full therapeutic effect even in minimal doses the indirectly can contribute to the excretion of excess fluid and increase free testosterone the has a good portability and a fairly low probability of developing adverse reactions the does not belong to the class of anabolic steroids the Letrozole from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical how to take? All the necessary instructions and other guidance on the effective and safe use of the drug "Letrozole" always refer to the special razdeli of our shop sports pharmacology.
Package 50tab\2,5mg
Substance Letrozole

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Letrozole by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (50tab\2,5mg)

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