Letrozole by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\2,5mg)
the Letrozole from Balcan: buy at the best price "Letrozol from Balkan Pharmaceutical" is an effective inhibitor (blocker) aromatase taken during a steroid course. strictly pharmacological classification describe the drug is an antiestrogen that is attributable to blockers aromatase according to the type and method of its impact. In bodybuilding this drug is of high importance and relevance, especially when used steroid drugs "inclined" to flavoring. Aromatization is a process of "conversion" (conversion) of a certain percentage of the active substance in estrogens that occurs under the action of a special enzyme "aromatase" (hence the name of this process – the "aroma"). The conversion characteristic only for certain steroids, including testosterone, sustanon and Methandienone (Dbol). Prevention during course based on the AAC is needed because its absence can cause estrogen-dependent side effects (the accumulation of fluid, increased pressure and gynecomastia). The principle of action of letrozole is built on the blocking of the enzyme "aromatase", which excludes the formation of estrogens, thereby, eliminates the conditions for the development of such "side effects". the characteristics of the drug is very similar to other blockers aromatase – "Acerola" and "anastrozole". With the latter they are considered interchangeable for each other, and even very similar in its molecular structure, but the differences between them are. They both have a high level of absorption, enter the bloodstream rapidly after the first adoption, even in minimal doses. Letrozole and other aromatase blockers are used only in the period of the course and cannot be applied after, because their reception will not have any effectiveness and feasibility due to the fact that the production of testosterone is not affected, and therefore, for the purposes of post-cycle therapy are not suitable. For this reason Letrozole is unable to replace "Tamoxifen" and "Clomid". the Properties, advantages and effects of letrozole the the copes with the prevention and elimination of adverse reactions associated with estrogens (gynecomastia, edema, etc.) the quickly enters the blood after the first admission, even at the minimally effective dosage the and indirectly helps to increase free testosterone the helps to remove excess fluid from the body the has excellent tolerability and low rate of side effects the is not a steroid the Letrozol from Balkan Pharmaceutical how to take? Want to learn how to take the aromatase blocker on your course? Read about it in the special razdeli our online shop!
Package 20tab\2,5mg
Substance Letrozole

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Letrozole by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\2,5mg)

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