Exedrol by Balkan Pharmaceutical (20tab\25mg)
the Exedrol from Balcan: buy best aromatase inhibitor "Exedrol from Balkan Pharmaceutical" is inhibitor (blocker) aromatase the new (advanced) generation, which has a powerful inhibitory effects against estrogen. This drug is also known under such trade (commercial) name as "Aromazin" (mainly under this name he found on sale in drugstores). The active ingredient of the drug is a component under the name "exemestane" ("exemestane"). Formal pharmacological classification it is an antiestrogen, and the type and method of action – inhibitor of aromatase. the Only alternatives to this drug are such blockers aromatase as "Anastrozole" and "Letrozole". In fact, all of these drugs are interchangeable, but Exedrol "put" on a mass production a bit later two of his counterparts and so, in fact, is a more "advanced" and a new generation of aromatase blocker. Functional (application) purpose this drug in bodybuilding performs preventive and symptomatic therapy estrogenopodobnoe adverse reactions (accumulation of water and swelling, high blood pressure and gynecomastia) courses aromatizatorami AAC. Often, this testosterone, Dbol and sustanon (if these steroids are not used, the need for the drug is absent). The drug is able to effectively suppress aromatization (conversion into estrogen) through the mechanism of blocking of the enzyme "aromatase". "Exemestane" is highly appreciated by the representatives of competitive bodybuilding, as it is believed that it is better manifests itself in the "heavy" professional steroid cycles. It can also act as a decent replacement in the case when the athlete on those or other reasons can not use traditional blockers aromatase ("Anastrozole" and "Letrozole"), for example, if you are hypersensitive. Exedrol is also characterized by a high absorption. In practice, this means that the athlete gets as fast and strong feedback – after the initial appointment, even at the minimum dose of the drug very soon "activated" and begins "to work in full force," after only a few hours. it is Important not to confuse and to distinguish this drug from anti-estrogens "Tamoxifen" and "Clomid". It is used directly on the course, then how called antiestrogens only after its completion, and within post-cycle therapy. For the purposes of the PCT Exedrol will be useless because it does not affect the production of testosterone. the Pharmacological properties and effects Exedrol the the represents the most advanced and effective inhibitor (blocker) of the new generation aromatase the has a very strong estrogensoderjasimi properties, effectively inhibiting the aromatization, the development of gynecomastia and other estrogenic complications the is well-tolerated and has a low frequency of side effects due to rapid absorption as soon as possible after use provides the main therapeutic action (even low doses) the is not a steroid drug the Exedrol from Balkan Pharmaceutical how to take? to Read more information about similar products and be familiar with the rules of its use in a special razdeli our online shop.
Package 20tab\25mg
Substance Exemestane

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Exedrol by Balkan Pharmaceutical (20tab\25mg)

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