Dostinex (cabergoline) by Pfizer (2tab\0,5mg)
the Dostinex (cabergoline): buy modern and reliable prolactin inhibitor "Dostinex" is the single most effective today inhibitor (blocker) prolactin from one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the U.S. and the world, "Pfizer". the Drug contains as active component the "substance" of "cabergoline" ("Cabergoline"). Previously to reduce the level of prolactin was used the drug "Bromocriptine", but today it has lost any relevance because it was replaced by safer and more modern equivalent – "Dostinex". the Described product is premium and unique in its class. It has no analogues and is not an anabolic steroid but is quite often used to steroid courses, especially athletes competition-level training. the what drug Dostinex? Functional and therapeutic purpose of the drug is to reduce the level of the hormone prolactin and eliminate the side effects that may be caused by its increase. In the context of bodybuilding and use of anabolic steroids, elevated prolactin as side effects can manifest itself in cycles, which are actively used steroids with progestogen (progestin-only) activity. Most often the "culprit" of this problem acts as Nandrolone (Deca) or trenbolone and less – Oxymetholone. For these drugs (especially Deca) elevated prolactin is the most frequent side effect. In fact, "Dostinex" is a drug that completely eliminates the "side effects" associated with the use of these AAC. Prolactin on molecular structure similar to HGH, but the range of actions, in contrast, is similar to estrogen and can enhance their activity in the male body, if present in values that exceed those of the natural physiological rules. the"Typical" complications that causes increased prolactin, are considered to be problems with libido (sexual desire) and sluggish erection or its complete absence. In "running" cases may also trigger the development of gynecomastia. the Mechanism of action cabergoline Substance "cabergoline" stimulates activity of dopamine receptors in hypophyseal area (pituitary). Stimulation of these receptors in this region of the brain leads to blockage of the secretory function of cells, which provide the production of prolactin. Additional benefits If you do not take into account the main therapeutic effect is to reduce the level of prolactin and its effects, cabergoline there are other, not less useful indirectly manifested quality. first, low prolactin allows to achieve better and more sustained erections, and increases libido (sexual activity). Secondly, it reduces the time it takes the male body to recover between the end of the intercourse, and readiness to begin. It increases the intensity and gamma of sensations received at the moment of orgasm. Strengths, therapeutic properties and effects dostinex the the reliable, workable and the only one on the market of sports pharmacology inhibitor of prolactin "premium" class from a leading American manufacturer the fixes and profilaktirujut the most common adverse reactions to loop progestinami AAC – trenbolone and nandrolone the indirectly increases libido (sexual desire) and erection the reduces the time required by the male body in "recovery" between sexual acts the increases the intensity of sensations at the moment of orgasm the insignificantly increases the level of free testosterone and fat burning and improves mood the reduces fluid retention in the body and leads to normal blood pressure the is not a steroid drug cabergoline-Dostinex how to take? to See the detailed instructions for use of the drug "Dostinex" during the progestogenic cycles (progestinonly) drugs are available in the relevant sections: "Nandrolone", "Trenbolone" and "Oxymetholone" our online shop.
Package 2tab\0,5mg
Substance Cabergoline

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Dostinex (cabergoline) by Pfizer (2tab\0,5mg)

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