Clomid by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\50mg)
the Clomid from Balcan: buy from trusted shop "from Clomed Balkan pharmaceuticals" is a quality anti-estrogen drug, used for rehabilitation therapy after courses of AAC. active component of this drug acts as a substance "clomiphene citrate" ("Clomiphene Citrate"). The drug was originally created as a means of treatment of various diseases in women (cancer benefit), but it was functional applications in the field of bodybuilding. the Only equal and equivalent alternative to this antiestrogen we can assume the drug is "Tamoxifen". Its equivalent dose will have a stronger therapeutic effect than those of the "clomid", but on the other hand "Clomiphene" can be used to recover any steroid, while "Tamox" in this respect has some limitations. by Clomiphene mode of action relates to selective modulators (blockers) of estrogen receptors, so the "mechanism" or the principle of its action is based on (reducing) the leveling of the susceptibility (sensitivity) of receptors of estrogen to the estrogen. the Main objective post-cycle therapy, which is to restore hormonal balance and normalize the production of its own testosterone is achieved by stimulating the production of LH and FSH. They are the gonadotropic hormones of the profile, which stimulate GGA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-testes) to produce endogenous testosterone. "Clomid" is also able to effectively inhibit estrogenozavisimymi side reactions, which can be called gynecomastia, fluid accumulation and swelling, increased pressure, etc. However, for such purposes it is better to use more appropriate drugs, such as "Anastrozole", "Letrozole", "Exedra". the Therapeutic properties, effects, and other strengths clomid the the provides quality recovery after steroid cycles of any complexity – resumes the production of the primary male androgenic and anabolic hormone the can be used to conduct recovery post-cycle therapy after using steroids progestinami Deca, trenbolone and oxymetholone the by increasing the secretion of gonadotropins (luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormone – LH and FSH) can the indirectly increase level testosterone the reduces potential rollback phenomenon the indirectly improves potency and libido the does not apply to anabolic steroids the has no negative effects on liver function and the level of enzymes the has anti-estrogenic action the Clomed from Balkan Pharmaceutical how to take for PCT? Instructions about taking this drug during post-cycle therapy, You can read the special razdeli our online shop.
Package 20tab\50mg
Substance Clomifene Citrate

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Clomid by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\50mg)

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