Anastrozole (Anastrover) by Vermodje (25tab\1mg)
the Anastrover (Anastrozole), oral steroid, which from: buy in store "" "Anastrover from, oral steroid, which" is a classic blocker of aromatase used in bodybuilding to prevent or mitigate adverse reactions of oestrogen nature. active substance of this drug performs a component under this title as the "anastrozole". By itself, it belongs to the class of antiestrogens, but the method (the type of) impact it is advisable to refer to the group aromatase inhibitors. "Closest" and probably the only available alternatives to anastrozole are aromatase blocker "Letrozole" and "Exemestane (Exedrol)". as part of the sports practice bodybuilding they perform a functional role. The drugs in this group is assigned the task of prophylaxis and elimination of side reactions that can potentially occur as a result of such a process as "aromatization". It represents the "transformation" (conversion) of a certain percentage of active ingredient in the anabolic steroid estrogens. there's a biochemical reaction under the action of a special enzyme "aromatase". Its effects do not lend themselves to all anabolic steroids, but only some of them: testosterone esters, "sustanon" and "Methandienone". Excessive presence of estrogen in the male body could potentially cause such adverse reactions as gynecomastia, fluid accumulation, swelling and high blood pressure. the Mechanism of action anastrozole is based on blocking the activity of aromatase, resulting in impaired the formation of estrogen, and thereby prevent their excessive level in the blood plasma. anastrozole is characterized by a high degree of absorption in practice this means that it rapidly enters the bloodstream and exerts its therapeutic effect when used in any dosage. the Anastrover: main effects and other features of the blocker aromatase the expressed estrogenozawisimae action on the effective prevention and elimination associated with estrogen side effects (gyno etc.) the very high degree of bioavailability and absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, the drug is quickly absorbed and 'switched on' in work the indirectly can contribute to the excretion of excess fluid from the body the contributes to the increasing level testosterone the does not apply to anabolic steroids and has excellent portability the effective even in very low doses the Anastrover, oral steroid, which from: how to take? All necessary information on how to properly and safely use the aromatase inhibitor "Anastrover" during steroid cycles available in a special razdeli our online shop sports pharmacology.
Package 25tab\1mg
Substance Anastrozole

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Anastrozole (Anastrover) by Vermodje (25tab\1mg)

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