Oxymetholone by Genesis (100tab\50mg)
the Oxymetholone Genesis: buy anonymously trusted shop with fast delivery "Oxymetholone Genesis" is a tablets is a steroid drug on the basis of the same active substance. Anabolic steroid "Oxymetholone" it is deservedly ranked among the most powerful class in the AAC's ability to influence the growth of muscle mass and strength. Athletes who have tried this drug in his practice, reported that it is possible to increase up to 10-15kg of weight and greatly improve strength, even for a standard solo course. the intensity of their anabolic qualities Oxymetholone is "quick" steroid. Already from the first days of the cycle, the athlete feels distinctly improved endurance, strength, and literally watching the growth of the mass. Their maximum "speed" the steroid reaches 3-5 week course, after which its performance gradually decreases. In manifestation of its properties described steroid can be compared with methandienone. They approximately contribute equally to the accumulation of fluid during a cycle, but Oxymetholone thus contributes to a more pronounced increase in strength and mass. Also it is not subjected to conversion into estrogens and in compliance with the limit doses do not harm the liver. oxymetholone also has the ability to inhibit the activity of globulin, linking sex hormones (hspg). This allows you to make the effect of other steroids, taken in conjunction with it more rapid and pronounced, and to increase the level of free testosterone in the blood plasma. Overall, with proper technique, the drug is well tolerated and can be recommended for beginners "chemists" without experience in the use of anabolic steroids. the from Genesis Oxymetholone: the effects and features the the stimulates the growth of muscles – to 10-15kg for a solo cycle the actively influence the increase in strength, endurance, appetite the basic properties of steroid occur very quickly the promotes the utilization of fat accumulation in the abdomen the is not subject to conversion into estrogen the safe for the liver subject to the recommendations to accept the by decreasing the activity of SHBG may influence the increase in free testosterone the individually contributes to the normalization of the functionality of the joints and reduce pain in them the Oxymetholone Genesis: how to take (rate, dose and other guidelines for admission) the Most important guidelines and other recommendations regarding proper intake of this steroid can always be found in the special article our online shop high-quality and original steroids.
Package 100tab\50mg
Substance Oxymetholone

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Oxymetholone by Genesis (100tab\50mg)

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