Oxandrolone by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (100tab\20mg)
the Oxandrolone from ZPHC: buy anonymously at trusted online store "Oxandrolone from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical" is one of the most conventionally safe oral anabolic steroids, which are used for drying and weight loss. "Oksana" (an informal slang name steroid) its structural and chemical properties of the acts derived from DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It means that he was not actually convert to estrogen (aromatization). dihydrotestosterone by itself is a powerful biologically active androgen derived from testosterone. However, steroid profile oxandrolone different mild androgen index, so that this steroid is allowed to be used even by women (of course, different than men, a range of doses). the Value of oxandrolone is that it is a very good indicator of tolerance, rarely causing adverse reactions and complications of androgen, estrogen, and other nature. Also, he has low toxicity to the liver, but it is suitable only for the purpose of drying and weight loss, not muscle mass, if used in the framework of the "solo" course. Athlete during the course can expect to improve the prominence of your muscles, burning fat and improving strength, with minimal risk of manifestation of any side reactions. Oxandrolone is the most powerful of all the steroids immunostimulating action. It also enhances the body's sensitivity to such hormone as insulin. Due to this, the body goes smaller amounts of this hormone, which indirectly reduces the formation of subcutaneous fat. The effect of burning fat and increase muscle definition muscle definition is also enhanced due to enhanced secretion HGH (somatotropin), which promotes the "Oksana". the Oxandrolone from ZPHC: positive traits and key effects the the helps to form a beautiful relief muscles, increase their hardness and stiffness the stimulates the burning of body fat and helps maintain dry muscle mass the increases strength, endurance and immune support the stimulates the increase the natural secretion of growth hormone (somatotropin) in the body the it reduces the formation of fat accumulation by increasing sensitivity to insulin the missing flavoring and harm to the liver (when used in moderate doses) the has a good tolerability and a low incidence of "side effects" the due to the very low androgenic activity can be used by girls the Oxandrolone from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical: how to take (dosage and recommendations for use) to See the detailed recommendations, and other information concerning the proper reception of steroid "Oxandrolone from ZPHC" always be in a special article our online shop.
Package 100tab\20mg
Substance Oxandrolone

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Oxandrolone by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (100tab\20mg)

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