Oxandrolone by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\10mg)
the Oxandrolone from Balcan: buy in store "Anabol-Rus.net" "from Oxandrolon Balkan pharmaceuticals" is the safest tablets anabolic steroid used in the field of bodybuilding for drying and other purposes. This steroid drug is deservedly ranked among the class of "elite" AAC. This is largely due to the fact that it is characterized by good tolerability and a very low risk of developing any adverse reactions (and other complications) because it was originally created for use in people with severely weakened by the body (HIV, victims of burns, etc.). Despite the fact that the same name active substance "Oxandrolone" is derived from the most active androgen in the male body – dihydrotestosterone, the drug is still characterized by a low androgenic activity at a sufficiently high anabolic index. Because of these features, "Oksana" (abbreviated slang for a) conditionally permitted for use in female bodybuilding competitions (along with the steroids "Boldenone" and "Primobolan"). speaking about the impact of this drug on athletic performance, the highest and immediate relevance it gets when solving problems related to drying and weight loss. fat burning properties, "Oksana" are very "soft". It does not have any toxic effect on the liver and flavoring. It improves the stiffness and hardness of the muscle of the array. In this aspect it will be well for both experienced athletes (including the pros) and for beginners. The only important factor is the athlete to gain maximum benefit from steroid you need to have enough muscle already an array at the time of launch course, as this AAC, unfortunately, do not raise the muscle volume. On the other hand it increases the secretion of somatotropin and increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, which accelerates the process of lipolysis and reduces the activity the formation of new fat accumulation in the body. the Oxandrolone from Balcan: main effects and other characteristics the the to encourage the formation of high-quality and beautiful muscle definition (relief) the promotes the burning of fat and preserving lean muscles the increases stamina and strength the stimulates the secretion of HGH the improves immunity does not aromatize and has minimal impact on liver function the is characterized by a low likelihood of "side effects" and mild androgenic activity the can be used by women (girls) and newcomers the improves the sensitivity of cells and tissues of the body to insulin which minimizes the formation of new fat molecules the from Oxandrolon Balkan pharmaceuticals: how to take? Find detailed instructions and recommendations for the use of the steroid "Oxandrolone from Balcan" with maximum benefit and safety can be a special our online shop sports pharmacology.
Package 20tab\10mg
Substance Oxandrolone

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Oxandrolone by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\10mg)

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