Methandienone by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (50tab\10mg)
the Methandienone from ZPHC: to buy a reliable Internet store and completely anonymously "from Methandienone Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical" is an industry – wide oral anabolic steroid is able to provide a rapid increase in strength and mass. This tablet the drug has a reputation as one of the most recognizable (popular) anabolic steroids used in sports practice bodybuilding. Most popular slang name for this steroid is "Dbol". According to its chemical structure it acts derived from testosterone and has twice as anabolic and half androgenic index. Methandienone stimulates nitrogen retention in muscular tissue fiber that is a necessary environment for the resynthesis of muscle protein and glycogen is directly influences the rate of increase in muscular volume, speed and quality of recovery. In practice, it provides rapid increase in muscle mass, strength, endurance, and also increases appetite. The average weight gain per cycle may be 7-8kg. up To a third of that weight can fall directly into water (liquid). After discontinuation of Dianabol is displayed and the weight decreases, which is called post-cycle phenomenon of "rollback." The nature of the action it has some similarity with this steroid as a "Oxymetholone". There are a lot of conflicting information that Methandienone has a negative impact on liver function. This is true, but only when an athlete consumes unnecessarily high dosages of the drug. Otherwise, a material adverse effect on the liver is not observed. Also among its shortcomings is referred to aromatization. Dbol is prone to conversion to estrogen, but this problem is effortlessly solved by the receiving aromatase inhibitors ("Anastrozole", etc.). the Methandienone from ZPHC: key effects the the stimulates a marked increase in muscle mass, strength and endurance the accelerates the synthesis and accumulation of muscle glycogen, which helps to speed recovery after workouts the enhances appetite the has a beneficial effect on the joints, bone and ligaments the is characterized by moderate fat burning effects the does not have a significant effect on libido the less pronounced androgenic index in comparison with testosterone the Methandienone from ZPHC: how to take a steroid? the Main recommendations and guidance on the most effective and safe to receive steroid "Dianabol from ZPHC" set out in a dedicated article reliable store of original steroids and sports pharmacology "One blonde".
Package 50tab\10mg
Substance Methandienone

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Methandienone by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (50tab\10mg)

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