Methandienone by SP Laboratories (20tab\10mg)
the Methandienone SP SP Laboratories: buy with Express delivery and at a bargain price "SP Metandienon from SP Labs" is tablets anabolic steroid that promotes rapid increase of muscle mass and strength, known as "Methandienone". This anabolic steroid is characterized by many different trade names, but the greatest recognition he is under such informal slang name as "Methandienone". Actually, this steroid is most famous anabolic drug and really contributes to the rapid gain of muscle mass and strength. For standard course you can add up to 7-10kg of lean muscle mass. In addition, there has been a significant improvement in strength, endurance and better recovery. However, some of this weight always accounts for the accumulation of fluid. For this reason, after discontinuation of the steroid may experience some pullback. In moderate doses, this steroid is safe for the liver. the Mechanism of action methandienone based on the acceleration of protein synthesis in muscle tissues, which is achieved by maintaining a stable nitrogen balance and glycogen synthesis. This creates the necessary conditions for active increase muscle mass. In addition, Methandrostenolone will help to normalize and strengthen bone structure and improve the functionality of the joint and ligamentous apparatus. The nature and intensity of the action Methandienone can be mapped with the same oral steroid as a "Anapolon". the SP Methandienone: properties, features and effects the the supports nitrogen balance, which accelerates muscle protein synthesis and glycogen, resulting in increased growth of muscle mass the speeds up and improves post-workout recovery the increases strength, appetite and stamina the strengthens bones and articular-ligamentous complex the is a moderate fat burning properties the lower in comparison with testosterone, androgenic activity the has no significant effect on libido the SP Metandienon: how to take a steroid? All instructions and recommendations that are important for the safe and efficient receiving, as well as the organization of a competent course of steroid "SP Methandienone" presented in a special our online shop.
Package 20tab\10mg
Substance Methandienone

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Methandienone by SP Laboratories (20tab\10mg)

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