Dbol by Golden Dragon (50tab\10mg)
the Dianoged (Dbol) from Golden Dragon to buy in store "Anabol-Rus.net" "Dianoged from Golden Dragon" is one of the most famous tablets anabolic steroids based on active substance "methandienone". This steroid drug is more known under several simplified slang informal name of "Dbol". This is one of the few steroid drugs that are able in a relatively short time period to provide a significant increase in mass and strength. In this aspect, it is also possible to allocate this steroid as a "Oxymetholone". Methandienone often chosen by beginners who have no experience in the application of sports pharmacology. It is a party shall be a number of very specific reasons. First of all, it's high popularity this steroid is known about him sometimes, even those people who in principle do not attend a gym. The second reason is the relatively low price. And most important of them is the rapid growth of the mass. One "solo" course in 4-5 weeks, you can add up to 7 and sometimes 10kg. While up the "go" including strength, endurance. The drug also provides good protection, acting on the joint and ligaments and bone machine firming. among the disadvantages of the steroid it is possible to allocate a high degree of post-cycle "rollback", that is connected with the water retention during cycle, but also the aromatization (conversion into estrogen), which, however, simply profilaktirujut anastrozole or other aromatase inhibitors. For the liver this steroid is harmful only in cases when the athlete takes it in unreasonably high doses. the Dianoged (Dbol): positive effects and other characteristics of steroid the the active growth of the mass, even in the solo format of the course – to 7-10kg per cycle the a significant increase in the power of data, increase endurance and appetite the quite well strengthens the joint and ligamentous and bony complex the slightly promotes the loss of adipose tissue the twice the less pronounced androgenic activity in comparison with "pure" testosterone the well suited for beginners "chemists" the minimal effect on sexual desire (libido) the Dianoged from the Golden Dragon: how to take (route and dosage) you can Find all the necessary information, instructions and recommendations for the proper organization of cycle on the basis of steroid "Dianoged" always at a specialized article our online shop original anabolic drugs.
Package 50tab\10mg
Substance Methandienone

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Dbol by Golden Dragon (50tab\10mg)

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