Dbol by Bayer Schering Pharma (100tab\10mg)
the Methandienone Bayer: buy in store "Anabol-Rus.net" "Methandienone Bayer Schering Pharma" is the world's most famous tablets steroid drug made in Germany, used for the rapid buildup of strength and muscle mass. This anabolic steroid is more recognizable under its slang name of "Dbol". Today it is naturally considered one of the most popular and affordable anabolic drugs. It has a relatively low cost, but highly effective, if we are talking about a rapid increase in body mass and strength. For one standard cycle in 4-6 weeks, even in "solo" athlete can ramp up to 7-10kg mass, significantly improve the power data and other sports figures. On the other hand, a considerable part of this weight gain is accounted for directly on the fluid, with the result that after course often there is a significant "roll back" up to a third or even a quarter of the weight gain. in Addition to the rapid increase in body mass, this steroid is peculiar, and some other useful properties. So, for example, it is well strengthens the joint and ligamentous and bony complex, about on the level of productivity, which is typical testosterone. However, unlike the latter, it has twice less pronounced androgenic, and twice as strong anabolic index. with this steroid are started directly "familiarity" with sports pharmacology in a sufficiently large number of athletes in particular, speakers Pro. If you follow all the requirements for the proper organization of a steroid cycle, this drug as "Methandienone" can be recommended "beginners" wishing to try the options of training with the use of "fredderick". the Methandienone Bayer: effects and main features of steroid the the rapid growth of the mass – to 7-10kg for a simple date, even if the drug is used as sole on cycle the significantly affects the increase in data power, endurance and appetite the provides effective, restorative effect on articular, ligamentous and bone machine the increases the speed of recovery process the less expressed in comparison with "pure" testosterone androgenic activity the can be used by beginners the moderately helps to burn body fat the minimal effect on libido and potency the Methandienone Bayer Schering Pharma: how to make (rate and dosage) All the necessary instructions and other recommendations for safe and proper use of the steroid "Dbol from Bayer" can be found in the special our online shop.
Package 100tab\10mg
Substance Methandienone

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Dbol by Bayer Schering Pharma (100tab\10mg)

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