Danabol (Methandienone) by Balkan Pharmaceutical (100tab\10mg)
Balab Danabol (Danabol): buy in store Danabol from Balkan Pharmaceutical is the most famous oral anabolic steroid based on the active ingredients "methandienone". Most often, this steroid is called the short slang name Dbol, which is a kind of universal label for this steroid, regardless of what kind of manufacturers it produces. Despite the fact that this AAC is often associated with preformed steroids, there is also an injection form for sale, although it is certainly less common. Danabol, like any "Methandienone", in general, has a relatively low price (compared with other steroids), as well as taking into account the fact that it is often inferior to the choice of many newcomers in the application of sports pharmacology. Most often, the expectations for the athletes of this group "Metandrostenolone" are more than justified, since they must be extremely effective, despite the relatively high percentage of weight loss as a result of the after-course rollback phenomenon (up to 25% of the resulting mass). Other "minuses" Metandrostenolone manifests its aromatization, as well as moderate toxicity to the liver, which is associated with alkylation of 17-alpha (otherwise the drug will be completely destroyed in the liver). However, aromatization (conversion to estrogen) while eliminating the need with anastrozole or other aromatase inhibitors, the harmful effect on which occurs during properly organized cycles in compliance with the necessary requirements. Under such conditions, the steroid can be safely recommended to beginner “chemists”. Danabol: effects and other features create conditions for a rapid increase in body weight - up to 7-10 kg per standard solo cycle have an appetite for age, strength and endurance the joint-ligament and bone apparatus is strengthened slightly activated fat burning in the body decreased androgen-free testosterone compared with "pure" testosterone can use beginner "chemists" does not have a significant effect on libido and potential
Package 100tab\10mg
Substance Methandienone

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Danabol (Methandienone) by Balkan Pharmaceutical (100tab\10mg)

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