Methandienone by Pharmacom Labs (100tab\10mg)
the Dianabolos (Dbol) from Pharmacom: buy at the most affordable price "Dianabolos from Pharmacom Labs" is one of the most famous tablets anabolic steroids on the basis of the active ingredient "methandienone". In the sports community this steroid drug is best known under such informal slang name as "Dbol", which is connected with its active substance "Methandienone" (also known as "Methandrostenolone"). This steroid has a very strong effect on the growth of mass, strength and endurance. Moreover, it is important to note that these effects manifest themselves very quickly and become noticeable after the first days use. Due to various reasons, quite a large number of beginners "chemists" (novices in the use of anabolic steroids) began their "first" courses it with the "dbol". in fact, even within the solo cycle with methandrostenolone can increase 7-10kg of mass, but be prepared for the fact that a certain proportion will be for water (liquid), which is excreted from the body after discontinuation of the drug. This is called "rollback". When using dbol to "solo" the probability of rollback is very high, and when involved in combined cycles – below. Methandienone Also able to provide a very strong restoration and a strengthening effect on bone tissue, joints and ligaments, while having twice less pronounced androgenic activity than Testosterone. However, there has been a significant increase in strength, increase in appetite. The nature of Methandrostenolone has similarity to oxymetholone. the Dianabolos (Dbol): major effects of steroid the the provides strong growth in mass and strength due to the acceleration of protein synthesis and glycogen synthesis in muscles the boosts stamina and appetite the stimulates faster recovery after workouts and physical activity the has a good firming and regenerative effect on osteo-articular and ligamentous structures the moderately helps to burn body fat the low, compared to testosterone, the androgenic activity the minimal effect on libido the Dianabolos: how to take a steroid? All information required for safe and efficient use, as well as the organization of a competent course of steroid "Dianabolos" presented in a special article our online shop.
Package 100tab\10mg
Substance Methandienone

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Methandienone by Pharmacom Labs (100tab\10mg)

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