Masteron by SP Laboratories (100mg\10ml)
the Masteron from SP labs: buy in a trusted store "Anabol-Rus" "SP Masteron from SP Labs" is injectable is a steroid drug that has strong fat burning properties used for drying purposes in the field of bodybuilding. the Current (active) component of this anabolic drug is a substance as "drostanolone propionate", which by its nature acts derived from one of the strongest biological activity forms testosterone – dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Drostanolone can be called if not the strongest, one of the strongest steroids on line androgenic activity (it is even more "pure" androgen than Testosterone). Pronounced androgenic nature makes it the most powerful steroid in the aspect of burning body fat (loss of fat tissue for the drying cycle can be up to 9% from the baseline). Because of this, it is highly in demand in the community competitive bodybuilders-level "pros" who use this steroid in their precompetitive "fine-tuning", as it in addition to the powerful fat burning effect of muscle also attaches to the array fullness, firmness, hardness, and vascularity while minimizing the loss of dry muscle during drying cycles. masteron is also a slight diuretic effect, which allows you to withdraw excess fluid from the body, which also affects the quality of muscle relief. This steroid drug increases strength without significant changes in body weight or stores them in the period of weight loss (valuable effect in weightlifting, powerlifting and other sports where there is the concept of "weight class"). The most common drostanolone AAC such as "Stanozolol" and "Primobolan". the SP Masteron, the benefits, advantages and effects the the is considered to be one of the most powerful steroids for the purpose of drying the starts the process of active burning fat accumulation the contributes to a good muscle relief and venous prorisovannost the stimulates the increase of stiffness, hardness and fullness of muscles the increases critical power and endurance the through diuretic action helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body the harmless to the liver and is not subject to converting into estrogens the SP Masteron: the rate, dosage and other recommendations for use Find all the necessary recommendations for the correct organization of the course on the basis of the steroid "SP Masteron" in the corresponding our online shop sports pharmacology and steroids.
Package 100mg\10ml
Substance Drostanolone Propionate

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Masteron by SP Laboratories (100mg\10ml)

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