Boldenone by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (250mg\1ml)
the Boldenone from ZPHC: buy with fast delivery at trusted online store "Boldenone from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical" is a high quality injectable anabolic steroid with the same active ingredient of the famous brand of sports pharmacology from China. This anabolic steroid preparation is also known under the trade name of "Equipoise". In General, this steroid like "Boldenone" you fully deserved and rightly categorized as the most conventionally safe, harmless, and at the same time quite effective AAC for muscle building. Structurally, it is a molecule testosterone, with the introduction of a double bond between the second and the first carbon atoms. It is this difference in their molecular structure thus spared from the aromatization of Boldenone. Experienced athletes with considerable experience of the application of sports pharmacology also note that it is not just flavored, but also can inhibit the process of aromatization testosterone, when combined application. Also, boldenone does not have a delay effect of the water (liquid), so the entire muscle mass that an athlete receives during course this steroid has a good (dry) quality. This steroid provides the most severe muscle growth, but it kompensiruet minimal "rollback" after the termination of the cycle. For beginners, this is a great option (for the first or subsequent steroid cycles), provided readiness necessary to perform injection. Should pay attention to the fact that Boldenone stimulates the pronounced synthesis of red blood cells (erythropoiesis), making it one of the most powerful steroids with the ability to influence for increasing endurance and appetite. Also, it well increases strength and burns fat, and very low androgenic activity makes available its use even for women. the Boldenone from ZPHC: key anabolic qualities and effects the the creates the conditions for moderate growth of lean muscle tissue the does not retain water, so minimal recoil phenomenon after the completion of the cycle the stimulates increased synthesis of red blood cells (erythropoiesis), which directly affects the strength, appetite and stamina the contributes to a good girlsgogames the effect the has no negative impact on liver function and, in General, characterized by a low likelihood of side reactions the is not converted into estrogen and can be used by beginners and even girls the Boldenone from ZPHC: the rate, dosage and recommendations for use the Main recommendations and other instructions related to the proper and safe use of the steroid "Boldenone from ZPHC" to our online shop the original and best sports pharmacology.
Package 250mg\1ml
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate

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Boldenone by Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (250mg\1ml)

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