Boldenone by Pharmacom Labs (300mg\10ml)
the PharmaBold 300 (Boldenone) from Pharmacom: buy at the best price in reliable store of steroids "PharmaBold 300 from Pharmacom Labs" is one of the best injectable anabolic steroids to build lean muscles, based on the active substance "boldenone undecylenate". the Original steroid drug "Boldenone" was developed as a safer "version" and extended alternative to this steroid as a "Dbol", whereas in reality it was separately taken independent of the steroid with its own unique advantages and characteristics. as well as Methandienone, Boldenone is a "derivative" from testosterone. For many positive qualities and benefits of boldenone responsible a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms in its molecular structure. These features of the molecule boldenone thus spared from steroid aromatization (conversion into estrogen), and make it resistant to the enzyme that could convert it into biologically active forms of androgen hormones. Because it has low androgenic activity and it is not peculiar manifestation of adverse reactions androgenic and estrogenic profile is one of the few steroids, which can apply even women. not only does he Have no conversion to estrogen, but, on the contrary, when combined with testosterone esters in specific proportions, he can block and flavoring that has been tested and confirmed in practice by many experienced bodybuilders. Boldenone is not alkylated by 17-alpha, so it does not affect the liver function. It also does not retain water and promotes the growth of mostly lean muscle tissue, without a significant phenomenon in the post-cycle rollback. For beginners ready to perform injection of this steroid is one of the best solutions. the PharmaBold 300 (Boldenone): the effects and results of the application the the helps build dry muscle mass the does not retain water and is characterized by minimal back after completion of the course stimulated erythropoiesis that contributes to a significant increase in stamina, appetite and strength the promotes the burning of fatty tissue the does not harm the liver and rarely causing other "side effects" the is not subjected to interaction with aromatase, therefore, is not converted into estrogen due to its low androgenic index can be used by women the PharmaBold 300: the rate, dosage and use All of the most important requirements and instructions to correct and safe application of steroid "PharmaBold 300" can be found in the special our online shop original anabolic steroids.
Package 300mg\10ml
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate

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Boldenone by Pharmacom Labs (300mg\10ml)

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