Boldenone by Golden Dragon (250mg\10ml)
the Boldoged from Golden Dragon to buy in online stores at an affordable price "Boldoged from Golden Dragon" is a Chinese brand manufacturer of sports pharmacology, produces injectable anabolic steroid with the active substance "boldenone undecylenate". Originally, the creators of this steroid is suggested "to" Methandrostenolone with a long (prolonged) action, but in the process of its development was established anabolic steroid are of a different quality, having a number of specific positive properties. chemical structure "Boldenone" (the most popular name of this steroid) is a molecule testosterone, which has a double bond between the 1st and 2nd carbon atom. It is this double bond is directly responsible for many of its positive effects. in fact Boldenone ("Equipoise") gives a good, but not the most intense and rapid growth of lean muscles. However, he's a good influence on the growth of strength and appetite, with almost no disadvantages in comparison with other AAC. It does not have toxic effects on the liver, not holding fluid, has minimal recoil phenomenon after course. Boldenone provides intensive synthesis of red blood cells (erythropoiesis), which allows it to significantly improve the endurance of the athlete (in this aspect he is one of the most powerful steroids). Also it is not peculiar flavoring (not converted to estrogen and does not cause gynecomastia). Experienced athletes report that he is able not block the process of interacting with the testosterone aromatase, thus eliminating the aromatization by their combined use. boldenone characterized by a low androgenic activity and it is resistant to the enzyme "5 alpha reductase" which converts Testosterone into strong androgens, which can cause androgenic side effects (alopecia, acne, etc.). For this reason, it can be used by women. the Boldoged: positive features, effects and advantages the the helps moderate the growth of quality, lean muscles the stimulates erythropoiesis and increased stamina, appetite and strength the does not retain water, therefore, is characterized by minimal post-cycle rollback the well burn body fat and helps to achieve venous prorisovannost the has no negative impact on the liver and has a good tolerability for the body the is no estrogen conversion and even on the contrary – Boldenone itself might moderately block the aromatization of other steroids the can be used by women due to its low androgenic activity the Boldoged: the rate, dosage and recommendations for use the Most important regulations and other guidance on the application of steroid "Boldoged" can be found in the special our online shop the original sports pharmacology.
Package 250mg\10ml
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate

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Boldenone by Golden Dragon (250mg\10ml)

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