Boldenone by British Dragon (300mg\10ml)
the Boldabol (Boldenone) from British Dragon: buy at the lowest price "Boldabol from British Dragon" is a trade name under which produced anabolic steroid for injectable use with the active substance "boldenone Undecylenate". This drug as "Boldenone" it represents almost the "safe" and "clean" injectable steroid for muscle building. It is characterized by a low androgenic activity and a strong enough anabolic profile. This combination allows you to safely use it even in female bodybuilding competitions. in fact, this steroid was created as an alternative methandienone having the long effect of action, but the result was to create a self-sufficient separately taken anabolic steroid that is called "Boldenone" and also known under the name of "Equipoise". the hallmarks of this steroid is no harm to the liver, as well as converting into estrogen. However, he not only doesn't aromatize, but minimizes conversion to estrogen in combined use with testosterone or sustanon, and this fact is confirmed by the body builders with high experience of the use of anabolic steroids in their sports practice. Also it does not retain water in the body, which leads to the buildup of "clean" and very high quality muscle mass – gain weight for course may be 5-7kg. most Likely these numbers are not the most impressive, but after discontinuation of the steroid there is minimal "roll". On the other hand, is "kompensiruet" the fact that Boldenone is very well-burns fat, increases appetite and improves endurance. Through increasing endurance and appetite, this steroid can be called almost unmatched. the Boldabol: strengths and key effects the the stimulates the growth of predominantly "clean" and very high quality muscles the drug is not peculiar to the post roll back, and it does not retain water during the course the provides an active synthesis of red blood cells (erythropoiesis), which has a direct impact on improving endurance, strength and appetite the helps to get rid of fat accumulation the has a good tolerability and no adverse effects on the liver the does not interact with the enzyme "aromatase", so that is not converted into estrogens the can be used by women and girls the Boldabol: the rate, dosage and recommendations for use the Key guidelines and recommendations related to the proper and safe use of the steroid "Boldabol" to our online shop the original and best anabolic steroids.
Package 300mg\10ml
Substance Boldenone Undecylenate

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Boldenone by British Dragon (300mg\10ml)

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