Aquatest (Suspension testosterone) by Balkan Pharmaceutical (100mg\1ml)
the Aquatest from Balcan: buy testosterone Suspension "from Aquatest Balkan pharmaceuticals" is injectable anabolic steroid containing testosterone aqueous solution intended for intramuscular injection. currently, very few producers of sports pharmacology, and medicines, in principle, produce this steroid. Moreover, it is not always easy to find on sale. Active substance that AAC is a "pure" Suspension testosterone (aqueous solution) without adding any essential derivatives that allows the drug quickly enter the blood plasma after performing the "injection". In fact, the nature and duration of the actions he has much in common with the "testosterone Propionate", but "Aquatest" still, there is a "quick start". This steroid is still relevant among athletes due to the fact that it is difficult is detected by most standard dope samples and tests. However, he is able almost immediately after the introduction to provide explosive strength and powerful anabolic response, to give a great muscle pump (fullness), then all the residual decay products are also quickly removed from the body. in view of all these above-mentioned advantages, the use of this drug becomes justified and relevant at short time intervals, for example in the competition days when you need to quickly tune to cope with stress, to catch the drive and enter the "courage" to perform in their sport discipline as productively as possible. If to speak about purely steroid qualities, in this aspect of the drug manifests itself as well as other forms of testosterone. The athlete gets pronounced muscle mass gain, gets rid of fatty tissue increases critical power, stamina, appetite and libido. Also you have to remember about the prevention of aromatization (conversion to estrogen), which is often without any problems profilaktirujut reception blockers aromatase – "Anastrozole", "Letrozole". the the Benefits, features and effects of the steroid "Aquatest" (testosterone Suspension) the the most rapid and intense effects form testosterone the provides a rapid and profound anabolic response, explosive strength, muscle fullness, drive and "sports rage" the residual metabolites of steroid excreted per day and are not detected in standard doping tests the provides intense muscle growth, increase strength and endurance the enhances the appetite and libido the stimulates body fat burning the is a powerful anti-catabolic agent and speeds up recovery after physical activity the improves health of joints and ligaments the improves mood, self-esteem, confidence and General wellbeing the from Aquatest Balkan pharmaceuticals: rate, dose, application Read about the principles and rules of rational use testosterone Suspension in a special our online shop.
Package 100mg\1ml
Substance Testosterone Suspension

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Aquatest (Suspension testosterone) by Balkan Pharmaceutical (100mg\1ml)

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