Ansomon (Growth hormone) by Anhui Anke Biotechnology (10IU/vial)
the Ansomon: buy at the best price in the store, "One blonde"! "Ansomon from Anhui Anke Biotechnology" is "advanced" non-steroidal drug profile, containing as active substance "recombinant growth hormone". growth Hormones differ significantly from this class of sports pharmacology as anabolic steroids. First of all, this difference can be seen in the aspect of tolerability by the body. somatotropin (aka HGH) is characterized by much more "soft" effect on the body, and has a very low risk of developing side-effects and can safely be used by women (girls). Interesting fact that even after a full long course growth hormone there is no need to conduct a so-called post-cycle therapy. by Itself, the growth hormone is synthesized in the pituitary region of the brain and it is characterized by certain circadian rhythms of secretion. Its name is "earned" as a result of the effect on linear growth in young people (adolescents) and children, but only the list of its positive effects is not exhaustive. In sports practice the basic utility of the drug "Ansomon" (and other growth hormones) is its ability very effective way to burn subcutaneous adipose tissue without losing muscle mass. It is also able to influence the pace of renewal of tissues and cells, thereby significantly accelerates the recovery after injury of the ligamentous and articular apparatus or bone tissue (fractures, sprains, etc.) while minimizing pain and improving functional properties of musculoskeletal system. the Ansomon: positive effects and strengths the the stimulates pronounced lipolysis (utilization of fat), increasing muscle definition and maximum preservation of lean muscles the improves neuromuscular performance and efficiency the moderately affects the growth of new muscle fibers through the mechanism of muscle hyperplasia (the formation of new muscle fibers) the accelerates the synthesis of new cells and tissues in the body, which allows productive and quick to recover from any injuries, wounds and other injuries of the body the improves the functional properties of the joints, ligaments, bone system and reduces pain in them the provides a good rejuvenating effect on the body, normalizes sleep, mood, resistance to stress the increases the production of ITR-1 and improves the ability to intellectual activity the does not require PCT and is suitable for girls the Ansomon: the rate, dosage and other recommendations for use to Find the necessary recommendations on the most effective and safe use of the drug "Ansomon" always possible in a specialized our online shop.
Package 10IU/vial
Substance HGH

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Ansomon (Growth hormone) by Anhui Anke Biotechnology (10IU/vial)

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