Thyroxine (Tiros) by Pharmacom Labs (50tab\50mcg)
the Tiros (Thyroxine) from Pharmacom: buy in store "" "Tiros 50 from Pharmacom Laboratories" is a pharmaceutical fat burner frequently used in sports practice of bodybuilding and fitness for drying and weight loss. the basis of this preparation is entrusted with this active substance as "triiodothyronine" (also it is known under names such as "T3", "liothyronine" and "Thyroxine"). By their nature, Thyroxin is a key hormone of the thyroid gland. In the biochemistry of the body it performs many different functions, in particular, is a natural fat-burning "agent". In the official medicine, this drug is indicated for the treatment of patients who, due to various reasons reduced function "thyroid". In the context of sports practice, he is considered one of the best fat burners. the Principle of its action is based on increased heat production (thermogenesis). Thyroxine increases body temperature and therefore stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat molecules stored in subcutaneous fat "reserves"). In parallel speeds up the metabolism and suppressed the formation of new fat deposits. The mechanism of its action is very similar to another fat burning drug – "clenbuterol". From the subjective feelings during the course drying using Thyroxine athlete can also watch the physical strength, reduction in neuromuscular fatigue and appetite suppression. Due to the fact that the drug is not classified as anabolic steroids, it is available for use, both men and women. Most security and even greater efficiency is achieved when combined with growth hormones. the Tiros 50 (Thyroxine): basic effects and other features the the stimulates pronounced lipolysis (utilization of subcutaneous fat) and helps weight loss increases the rate of metabolism (metabolism) the improves physical performance athlete and mental focus the stimulates increased consumption of calories through thermogenesis the suppresses the appetite and reduces the rate of formation of fat accumulation the reduces neuromuscular fatigue and need for sleep the is not a steroid, so it can be used by women (girls) the goes well with HGH the Tiros 50 from Pharmacom Laboratories: how to make (rate and dosage) All you need to know about how to properly and safely consume fat burning the drug is "Tiros 50" contained in the special our online shop best sports pharmacology.
Package 50tab\50mcg
Substance Levothyroxine Sodium

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Thyroxine (Tiros) by Pharmacom Labs (50tab\50mcg)

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