Thyroxine (Cytover) by Vermodje (100tab\50mcg)
the Cytover (Thyroxine), oral steroid, which from: buy in store "" "Cytover from, oral steroid, which" is a pharmacological weight basis of the active ingredient "Thyroxin" from the famous manufacturer of sports pharmacology from Moldova. Active substance "Thyroxin", which also can be referred to in this title as "T3" (or "triiodothyronine", "liothyronine") on the nature of their origin is the thyroid hormone. Hormones "thyroid" are generally considered to be natural fat-burning "an agent" of the body. the nature and mechanism of action of this drug is very much similar with the same pharmacological fat burner like "clenbuterol". They both belong to the group of thermogenic fat burners, as the starting point of their action is to increase body temperature (thermogenesis), leading to increased consumption of calories and increase metabolism, the main energy source of the organism in such conditions acts as the subcutaneous fatty tissue. an Additional advantage can be considered a decrease in appetite, which is blocked and the suppression of the formation of new fat deposits. Subjectively, the athlete may also experience greater physical performance and health at a higher threshold for the onset of fatigue is all related to activation of the sympathetic nervous system. Since Thyroxine is not an anabolic steroid, women and men can use it, allowing only the difference in dosages that are determined by the individual characteristics of the organism. optimally, if course Thyroxine is held in conjunction with the growth hormones because it allows to achieve higher safety of use of both drugs, improves the final results (weight loss becomes several orders of magnitude more productive) and helps to maximize the preservation of the "dry" fraction of a muscle. the Cytover (Thyroxine): the main effects and benefits of fat burner the conducive to quick and efficient utilization of subcutaneous fat (non-functional) the speeds up the metabolism and physical performance of the athlete the stimulates increased consumption of calories through increased heat production (body temperature) the blocks appetite, reduces neuromuscular fatigue and need for sleep night the is equally suitable for receiving, for both men and women the not considered to be class I anabolic steroid drugs the has perfect compatibility with somatotropin the Cytover, oral steroid, which from: how to take (route and dosage) to Read all the necessary information with the necessary prescriptions for correct and safe taking fat burner "Cytover" always be in a special our online shop the original sports pharmacology.
Package 100tab\50mcg
Substance Levothyroxine Sodium

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Thyroxine (Cytover) by Vermodje (100tab\50mcg)

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