Thyroxine (cytomed) by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\50mcg)
the cytomed from Balcan: buy in a reliable store with fast delivery "Citomed from Balkan Pharmaceutical" is a strong fat burning drug pharmacological origin, widely used in the community of bodybuilding and fitness. Originally a drug created for the treatment of diseases of different nature accompanied by disorders of the thyroid gland, in particular a decrease in the secretion of its hormones. The basis of this drug is that the active ingredient as "triiodothyronine" (also "liothyronine" or "thyroxine"), which is sports slang sometimes referred to as "T3". Thyroxine by nature is the main hormone "thyroid" and is considered a natural fat-burning "agent" for the body. Triiodothyronine fat burner in many ways similar in its effect with the drug, "clenbuterol". They both act as "thermogenic". In other words, the mechanism of their action is based on the increase in thermogenesis (body temperature and heat production), which allows enhance metabolic rate and increase calorie consumption, whereby the body uses fat as a primary energy source. Also "cytomed" capable to suppress the appetite and block the processes of formation of new fat accumulation in the body of the athlete. the Drug is not related to anabolic steroids, so can without limitation be used by women (girls) and men. Thyroxine has excellent combinatorial properties when combined with HGH. This bond is one of the safest, and at the same time efficient fat-burning pharmacological combinations, since it is known that growth hormone can potentially inhibit thyroid function. In their joint application this complication is unlikely, but the performance in the aspect of burning fat, maintaining a "dry" muscle and improve their quality of relief guaranteed increases. the core value and other effects "cytomed" the the stimulates a rapid loss little functional weight (subcutaneous fat accumulation) the increases the intensity of the thermogenic process (thermogenesis) thereby increasing the speed of metabolism and calorie consumption the reduces the body's need for night sleep and improves the overall threshold of fatigue the increases neuromuscular efficiency and focus, due to the activation of the Central nervous system the suppresses the appetite and reduces the rate of formation of new fat deposits the suitable for use by both men and women, because it is not ranked among anabolic steroids the matches perfectly with somatotropin and steroids the Citomed from Balkan Pharmaceutical how to take? to Find information on issues related to the use of this fat burning drug can always in a special our online shop the original sports pharmacology.
Package 20tab\50mcg
Substance Levothyroxine Sodium

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Thyroxine (cytomed) by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (20tab\50mcg)

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