Clenbuterol-Ver by Vermodje (100tab\40mcg)
the clenbuterol-Ver, oral steroid, which from: buy in store "" "Clenbuterol-Ver from, oral steroid, which" is a highly effective fat burner pharmacological profile is well-established in sports practice fitness and bodybuilding. the Medical relevance of this drug is in the treatment of asthma, which is one of the main indications for its therapeutic application. On the nature of their origin, this product (sports slang it is called "Clen") is not related to anabolic steroids, and therefore can be administered, in particular, women (girls). In the context of bodybuilding, this drug belongs to a class of fat burners. In principle it could be considered to be "thermogenic". The main mechanism of its effect is based on increasing heat production – increase in body temperature, which increases the rate of metabolism and thus increases the consumption of calories the body extracts mainly from fat reserves. It is known that "Clen" is able to increase the metabolic rate by 20-30% from the initial (base) rate. this drug contributes to a certain increase in the natural secretion of norepinephrine, and the main hormone of the thyroid gland – "Thyroxine". As you know, these hormones are natural fat burning "agents" of the body. Due to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system also increases physical performance and athlete performance. "Clen" not only helps to get rid of existing fat but also prevents the formation of new fat molecules, by blocking a special enzyme responsible for these processes. Thus it promotes appetite suppression. Note that characteristic of the drug definite anti-catabolic effect, which will minimize the loss of "dry" muscle mass during a cycle of drying and weight loss. the clenbuterol-Ver: positive effects and other strengths of fat burner the the helps to get rid of subcutaneous fat, improving muscle definition the speeds up the metabolism by 20-30% and increases body temperature the stimulates the production of hormones "thyroid" and norepinephrine the activates the sympathetic nervous system, thereby improving physical performance and mental focus the suppresses the appetite and reduces fatigue of the whole body the you can use the women (girls) the does not apply to class I anabolic steroid, but goes well with them the Clenbuterol-Ver, oral steroid, which from: how to take (route and dosage) Read all instructions on correct and safe taking fat burner "clenbuterol-Ver" is always possible in a special article our online shop the original sports pharmacology.
Package 100tab\40mcg
Substance Clenbuterol

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Clenbuterol-Ver by Vermodje (100tab\40mcg)

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