Clenbuterol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (100tab\40mcg)
the clenbuterol from Balcan: buy fat burner is a classic time-tested "from Balkan Pharmaceutical Clenbuterol" is a high fat burner pharmacological class, always in demand and relevant in the field of fitness and bodybuilding. Originally the "Clen" (as this fat burner call for informal sports slang) was created as a drug for the treatment of asthma and its manifestations, including in children, but currently it is increasingly used by athletes (mostly bodybuilders). This is related to the specific features of its effects on the body, thereby stimulating the disposal of non-functional, that is, the extra weight (to burn subcutaneous fat accumulation). After "Clen" associated with the receptor for which it is an antagonist, through a cascade of complex biochemical reactions it stimulates the release into the blood of adrenaline and noradrenaline – these hormones have potent fat burning properties, speeding up the basal metabolic rate by one third from baseline. Also increases heat production (thermogenesis), which further stimulates the consumption of calories by the body. For this reason, the described drug can be attributed to the category "thermogenics". Under the action of the drug increases the secretion of thyroid hormones ("T3 Thyroxine"), which act as natural fat burner for the body. Overall, subjective feelings of the athlete, but also on the basic principle of action of these drugs are very similar (both are included into group "thermogenics"). However, clenbuterol has anti-catabolic properties, which makes it possible not only to lose weight and "dry", but keep it to a maximum of "pure" muscle tissue during this period. Because of this properties it is sometimes used after steroid class, in order to simultaneously minimize the phenomenon of recoil and "dry". clenbuterol can block appetite and activity "lipoprotein lipase" – this enzyme is responsible for the formation and accumulation of new fat deposits. An additional advantage can be considered as an absence of restrictions on the drug, in the sense that it is equally suitable for both men and women (girls) with differences only in the range of doses. the Unique features, and other effects clenbuterol the the promotes active losses non-functional (unnecessary) weight in the form of subcutaneous fat the keeps the "pure" muscle tissue during weight loss and drying due to the anti-catabolic effect "clen" the increases your body temperature (thermogenesis), the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline and hormones "thyroid", increases the metabolic rate, thereby activates calorie consumption and fat burning the suppress your appetite and prevents the formation of new fat accumulations the improves overall physical performance, focus attention and reduces the fatigue that is associated with the activation of the CNS the is not an anabolic steroid, so it can use men and women the goes well with growth hormones the from Balkan Pharmaceutical Clenbuterol: how to take a fat burner? Read the guidelines and other instructions regarding the efficient and safe use of this fat burner in the corresponding article our online shop.
Package 100tab\40mcg
Substance Clenbuterol

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Clenbuterol by Balkan Pharmaceuticals (100tab\40mcg)

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